Financial questions

Frequently asked questions

  • There are several factors that affect the size of your profit:
    • the liquidity of the asset you have chosen in the market (the more the asset is in demand in the market, the more profit you will receive)
    • the time of the trade (the liquidity of an asset in the morning and the liquidity of an asset in the afternoon can vary significantly)
    • tariffs of a brokerage company
    • changes in the market (economic events, changes in part of a financial asset, etc.)
  • You do not have to calculate the profit yourself.
    A feature of digital options is a fixed amount of profit per transaction, which is calculated as a percentage of the value of the option and does not depend on the degree of change in this value. Suppose if the price changes in the direction predicted by you by only 1 position, you will earn 90% of the value of the option. You will earn the same amount if the price changes to 100 positions in the same direction.
    To determine the amount of profit, you must perform the following steps:
    • choose the asset that will underlie your option
    • indicate the price for which you would have purchased the option
    • determine the time of the trade, after these actions, the platform will automatically display the exact percentage of your profit, in case of a correct prognosis
    The profit from the trade can be up to 98% of the amount of the investment.
    The yield of a digital option is fixed immediately upon its acquisition, therefore you do not need to wait for unpleasant surprises in the form of a reduced percentage at the end of the trade.
    As soon as the trade is closed, your balance will automatically be replenished by the amount of this profit.
  • The advantage of the Company’s trading platform is that you don’t have to deposit large amounts to your account. You can start trading by investing a small amount of money. The minimum deposit is 10 US dollars.
  • The procedure for withdrawing capital is extremely simple and is carried out through your individual account.
    The method that you have chosen to deposit the account is also a method of withdrawing funds (see the question "How can I deposit?").
    For example, if you made a deposit to your account via the Visa payment system, you will also withdraw money via the Visa payment system.
    When it comes to the withdrawal of a sufficiently large amount, the Company may request verification (verification is requested at the Company's sole discretion), which is why it is very important to register an account individually for yourself in order to confirm your rights to it at any time.
  • No. The company does not charge any fee for either the deposit or for the withdrawal operations.
    However, it is worth considering that payment systems can charge their fee and use the internal currency conversion rate.
  • To work with digital options you need to open an individual account. To conclude real trades, you will certainly need to make a deposit in the amount of options purchased.
    You can start trading without cash, only using the company's training account (demo account). Such an account is free of charge and created to demonstrate the functioning of the trading platform. With the help of such an account, you can practice acquiring digital options, understand the basic principles of trading, test various methods and strategies, or evaluate the level of your intuition.
  • It is very easy to do. The procedure will take a couple of minutes.
    1) Open the trade execution window and click on the green "Deposit" button in the upper right corner of the tab.
    You can also deposit the account through your Personal Account by clicking the "Deposit" button in the account profile.
    2) After it is necessary to choose a method of depositing the account (the Company offers a lot of convenient methods that are available to the Client and are displayed in his individual account).
    3) Next, indicate the currency in which the account will be deposited, and accordingly the currency of the account itself.
    4) Enter the amount of the deposit.
    5) Fill out the form by entering the requested payment details.
    6) Make a payment.
  • On average, the withdrawal procedure takes from one to five days from the date of receipt of the corresponding request of the Client and depends only on the volume of simultaneously processed requests. The company always tries to make payments directly on the day the request is received from the Client.
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is 10 US dollars for most payment systems.
    The minimum withdrawal amount for Bitcoin is 100 USD.
  • Usually, additional documents to withdraw funds are not needed . But the Company at its discretion may ask you to confirm your personal data by requesting certain documents. Usually this is done in order to prevent activities related to illegal trade, financial fraud, as well as the use of funds obtained illegally.
    The list of such documents is minimum, and the operation to provide them will not take you much time and effort.